Monday, July 30, 2012

Freedom: Philosophical View

Freedom is the exquisite part of human existence. It is the verdant of human acts. There are 3 important things in view of freedom. They are:
1. Knowledge
2. Freedom
3. Voluntariness

Freedom is a natural gift. Voluntariness is the principle that follows after knowledge and freedom. One can't exercise full freedom without knowledge, vice versa. Voluntariness follows after knowledge and freedom. There can't be no voluntariness unless there is freedom and knowledge.

Knowledge is categorizes as:
a. What is invincible.  (He knows that he doesn't know.)
b. What is vincible. (He knows that he is ignorant.)
c. What is crass or pretended ignorance. (He projects that he is ignorant in order to escape from responsibility and liability.)

Freedom is not a possession. It is inherent in man as a person. It is a tool to create a moral person. It is a reality of man's existence. And that man is responsible of what he does. The animals are not free. Freedom is distinguished of a person from the other animals. Thus, it is a gift.

Freedom is a priceless gift. It can't be given aways because it is inherent in man's nature. Dehumanized is when freedom is take away from you.

When a person is wrong, he is not entitled to his own opinion. In this way, freedom is not something to be abused rather, it is a tool to create a moral person.

Freedom is not a license to do wrong; but rather, it is a license to do better. There are restrictions of exercising freedom and that is, you should not destroy the freedom of others even though you have the right. Man's purpose is to perfect his existence.

Pope John Paul view freedom as within man connatural to the human person. It is most distinctive sign of man's nature. It promotes man's dignity given to him by his Creator. It is inseparable from freedom which no external or constitute his fundamental right both as an individual and a member in the society.

Man is free because he possesses the faculty of self determination to what is true and what is good. He is free because he possesses the faculty of choice as drawn and moved in a personal way from within and not by blind impulses in himself or by mere external constraint. To be free is to be able to choose. It is to live according to one's conscience.

Freedom is a gift that promote human dignity.

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