Monday, August 6, 2012

Generic Drug, Orphan Drug, OTC Drug

I really love learning Pharmacology in Nursing. It apts me to really think about the kind of things that I should know about drugs.

Generic drugs - chemicals that are produced by companies that just manufacture drugs.
Reasons:  They don't have the research, the advertising or sometimes the quality control department that pharmaceutic companies have. They are cheap drugs.

Dispensed as Written (DAW) - the brand name product be used. Prescribers ensures quality control and bio-availability expected with that drug.

Orphan drugs are drugs that have been discovered but are not financially viable and therefore have not been "adopted" by any drug company. These are drugs used to treat rare disease or may have potentially dangerous adverse effects.

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs - are products that are available without the prescription for self-treatment of a variety of complaints.

Problems relating to OTC drugs:
1. Taking these drugs could mask the signs and symptoms of underlying disease, making diagnosis difficult.
2. Taking these drugs with prescription medications should result in drug interactions and interfere with drug therapy.
3. Not taking these drugs as directed could result in serious overdoses. 

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