Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Social and Moral concept of Cynicism and Stoicism

The quiz that I had last week about my Philosophy of Human Person subject is: Explain the concepts of Cynicism and Stoicism in the context of man's moral and social order. And here is my answer:

a. Cynicism 
Moral: A person should live a life in a simple but virtuous kind of life by leaving all his possessions behind, leaving his wealth, fame, power and selfish desires so he could share a virtuous kind of life in helping others to not feel insincere and distrustful about the world. 

Social: It was reflected that all products of civilization are worthless and that man must attain freedom by not thinking more of desires and selfish ways in attaining life - free oneself from any material and selfish possessions or desires. 

b. Stoicism 
Moral: What a person do is to do right things and perform them like helping others and when he finds a thing bad, don't do them to others. He should have the right conscience in doing things. 

Social: Persons should be indifferent or non-committal to do for things because no matter how he tries, God predestined his life according to God's plan. 

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