Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting the Empirical and Molecular Formula

Our professor taught us the right process of getting the Empirical and Molecular Formula of the Compounds. Here is the sample problem that she showed us.

The problem is:
Given the following percent composition 26.50% K, 35.37% Cr and 39.10% O, determine the empirical and molecular formula of the compound if the molar mass of the compound is 294 6/mol.

Step  1: State the given.
% mass of K = 26.50%
% mass of Cr = 35.37%
% mass of O = 39.10%

Step 2: Convert percent to grams by copying the percent value and write grams.
% mass of K = 26.50%  = 26.50 g.
% mass of Cr = 35.37% = 35.37 g.
% mass of O = 39.10% = 39.10 g.

Step 3: Calculate the number of moles by multiplying the atomic weights to the individual masses.

mol of K = 26.50 g x 1 mol/40.00 g = 0.66 mol
mol of Cr = 35.37 g x 1 mol/52.00 g = 0.68 mol
mol of O = 39.10 g x 1 mol/16.00 g = 2.44 mol 

Step 4: Look for the smallest number of mole and use it as a divisor to obtain a whole number ratio.
In the problem, the smallest number of mole is of K which is 0.66 mol.

K = 0.66 mol/ 0.66 mol = 1
Cr = 0.68 mol/0.66 = 1.03
O = 2.44 mol/0.66 mol = 3.69
Empirical Formula is KCrO4

Step 4: Compute for the empirical mass based on the empirical formula, then add the answer.
K = 1 x 40.00 g/mol = 40.00 g/mol
Cr = 1 x 52.00 g/mol = 52.00 g/mol
O = 4 x 16.00 g/mol = 64.00 g/mol
Empirical Mass = 156 g/mol

Step 5: Compute for "n", to solve for Molecular Formula.
n = molar mass/empirical mass
n = 294 g/mol/156 g/mol
n = 1.88
n = 2

Molecular Formula = n(E.F.)
Molecular Formula = 2 (KCrO4)
M. F. = K2Cr2O8

There you go. I hope that I have helped you in some other way in getting the empirical and molecular mass of compounds.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Life is not lived, one has to live life." (Philosophy of Human Person)

We live in our own lives. We are the sole master of our own soul. Man's purpose of existence boils to his vocation to serve, making the others his top priority which he puts himself last.

Life is not lives which clearly view that there is no sole pattern or exact points that man all his life will remain in extreme poverty or misfortunes and end up hopeless all his life. Man has choices to do what he wants to do in his life.

One has to live life as the way he makes it. Life is the way we make it. Since man is the master of his soul, through his desired vocation, he chooses to be such because that is the kind of life he wanted to be. One has to live life the way he wanted it positively. He draws himself to positive and pleasant choices that will drive him to further define the kind of vocation he wanted to be.

No one dictates him to do something which he ought to do. No one will force him or command him to live a life according to what they say. No one lives in a structured, patterned life. Life takes in its fullest happiness and enjoyment based on one an dhow one forms his life - as life the way he makes it. One has to live life always looks, adheres, aspires and attains the positive principles in living life. The way one pushes harder and going out form his limits or comfort zones through breaking-through in positive ways share the kind of life one makes it. One has to live life always seeks to do the positives. Thus, in this way, he is living more than his life. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rise of Europe: Society in the Middle Ages (World Civilization)

The discussion that we had in the class of our Humanities subject boils to the topic about the "Society in the Middle Age". Here are the gathered facts that I have taken down notes:

1. Agricultural Revolution
-from Feudalism, it went to agriculture
*Plow - wooden to iron, animal driven - important animals are the oxen and the horses 
*Watermill and Windmill are the signature of their livelihood
*The discovery of Agriculture paved way for the adaption of peasant.
*3 Field System views 3 varieties of crops:
1. beans     2. legumes     3. peas   (these are important for the diet of the peasant which they can only afford)

2. Commercial Revolution
-Venice is the trading center
-businesses flourished - banks, merchants are there, money reappeared,bills
-Bill of Exchange - law protect consumers' rights

-Social Changes: 1. new business established    2. transfer merchant of Europe
-Guild - created business, associate in the town, pass law, make laws
-Woman are important for the guild because they are the ones who records, keeps documents, etc.
...Then city-life flourished.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How does physical attractiveness affect sexual relation?

Part of the quiz that our professor in Philosophy of Human Person (subject) demands us to really express what is on our mind regarding the question that circled more on the topic of Physical Attractiveness. Here is my answer to the question he raised in the quiz:

Physical attractiveness is the degree of regarding man as pleasantly beautiful through his physical traits. A beautiful woman with elegant dress who is tall and has a shiny hair may always imply men to be attracted to her. Thus, also in another way, man who is handsome, with good body built and good posture will always magnetize women to be attracted to him. The feeling of appreciation always imply certain force that captures the senses that those handsome men or women will be magnetized on how they perceive the physical looks of a certain man as their main object. There may be involvement of lustful desire or just mere admiration for the pleasantness displayed in the physical attractiveness of a person which can also be based on how men or women view it. But it always involved attraction out form the attractiveness being displayed. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Regulatory T Cells

The human body and all other living organisms in this world do live and prolong its existence because of the most basic unit that makes people truly alive. It is the cells that make people activate and survive. The cells which compose the body makes people live.

The regulatory t cells  found as the most effective cells that could treat the autoimmune disease and even cancer diseases. Regulatory T Cells simply suppress immune responses of the other cells make it work in order to attack cells-carrying diseases. Because of the discovery of this regulatory t cells which ultimately give the highest help in preserving health and giving justice to patient in a most helpful ways, Science makes it a point to study the regulatory t cells and its functions in order to attain better understanding and processes that surely would make another great invention of prolonging life and sustaining the living organism's life processes especially to humans that has been the center-point of the discovery of this wonder regulatory t cells.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Medical Terminology (The Nervous System)

My professor in Medical Terminology 1 taught us about the various medical terms in the nervous system. Here are some that I have take down notes:

Nervous System
-is an organ system containing a network of specialized cells called neurons that coordinate the actions and transmit signals between different parts of its body.

-is the body's information processor, without this highly advanced information and communication system, the body can't function.

It has 2 parts:
1. central nervous system - the brain and the spinal cord
2. peripheral nervous system - cranial and spinal nerves

Root Words and its Meaning:
1. neuro - nerve
2. cerebro/encephalo - brain
3. psycho/mento - mind
4. mania - madness
5. phobia - fear
6. esthesia - feeling of sensation
7. cranio/crani - cranium
8. gnosis/gno/gnosia - know, learn, discern

Medical Terms:
1. Neuropathy - any disease of the peripheral nerves, usually causing weakness and numbness.
2. Neurogenesis - the growth and development of nerve cells
3. Neurotomy - surgical procedure of sewering a nerve, the cutting of a nerve, as to relieve neuralgia
4. Nueralgia - sharp and paroxysmal pain along the course of a nerve
5. Hydrophobia - an abnormal or unnatural dread of water
6. Pyrophobia - fear of fire

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Cake Toppers

"Yes, I do!"

These sweet words are the sole witness of many crowds who witness the most memorable and extraordinary event that is happening to every man's life. And because of these words, it needs the sole and most grand preparation for it always drives the kind of commitment that spells lifetime happiness and togetherness as couple.

That is why, in order to make the occasion the spotlight of the main once-in-a-lifetime event, wedding cake toppers assure to give the audience, the bride and groom's friends, families and visitors a spark of amazement that even in the kind of wedding cake toppers, it simply reveal totally amazing.

Wedding celebrations are not to be taken for granted. It is the most exciting experience a bride and groom ever cherish and it always entails the quality kind of preparations most particularly the wedding cake toppers that also sets a big role of the wedding day celebration's meaning.

What is Ethical Hedonism? (Philosophy of Human Person)

Man must not seek pleasure but ought to do because pleasure alone is good. At first, he needs to feel the pain but in the end, he will be happy. He will have to sacrifice for tomorrow, he will surely reap the fruit of his harvest. He will reap the food of his labor.

This belongs to dynamic pleasure. In any kinds of pains whether it can be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental or social pain, he must find meaning in them because through pain, he will surely understand the deeper meaning of life.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedding Decorations

Wedding celebration should not be harsh. All should sail smoothly, fine and carefree. And it can be made possible in great preparation and of course, advance planning.

Everyone wants to enjoy the lifetime memories of keeping the best times in their lives such a welcoming and indeed happiest experience ever and always wedding celebration always connotes a perfect icon for that matter.

Thus, there is no worry where to seek for the sophisticated, elegant and ever quality wedding decorations that spark every family and visitors' eyes during one's wedding celebration. It all right at the many choices of wedding decorations to choose from and it is all available in here!

Philosophy of Human Person "Man as-a-being at the world"

Man is not a passive existence in the world, rather he is always active. His existence is participatory. He plays an active part in molding the world worthy of man. He is not only living, he is an actor. His life is in activity. Man is a worker. In this sense, man has the essential dialogue between him at the world. He lives behind his accomplishments. He has the ability to appreciate, to work to the world and to break through the world.

Wedding Decorations

Worried about where to seek for help in planning for the ultimate experience for your wedding day? Indeed, it is not a big problem!

Wedding cake toppers, wedding favors and wedding decorations are the most important aspects to have in a wedding celebration. And one should not find it a problem where to rely for the perfect best out from these things in order to create the super memorable wedding celebration.

Wedding celebration should not serve as a big problem. Proper planning always entails the right armor to experience the happiest moments of the lovers' life who decide to settle down for the rest of their lives in marriage. The big consideration is to put everything in the right planning and preparation. And in terms of wedding decorations, there is in fact, many to choose from.

Philosophy of Human Person: "Man as-being-in the world"

The first consideration should be that man is definitely related to his own existence in the physical world. To influence others, influenced by others and man is thrown into the world because of his physical existence of which he did not choose to be thrown into this kind of world. He can't be conceived in the world except the world today. He can't live in the world outside the world he lives in. Man's existence is atone in the present world.

His physicality is designed. He can't exist in the world. The moment he is in the world, the determinism that he can't control manifest in him because of rationality. He can do this outside the determinist. He must rely to his body and his relation to his body.

In this situation, therefore, man is not his body but he is somebody. Man is not a thing, but he is someone. To exist is to stand out. He controls the world because man is related for the world. Man is influencing others as others influenced him as well.

Employee Engagement

Every business stands not just for money or capital alone but it erects out from the presence of the most ideal and important component of every transaction, Employee Engagement.

It can't be denied that the success of a company and any kinds of business drives to the sole concept that that there is someone that exists to rule the process. The existence of that unique someone who is capable of leading the entire people into a force of positive, creative and innovation directions ultimately brings every company not in a downfall but always sours high above and even beyond its limits.

Employee Engagement is the key word. It is the most kept partnership that build trust and unity among fellow workers in a certain business, company or firm. The smooth relationship of each worker donate a huge role in the success of every business whether it be small or big business. Thus, the role of the leaders always focus on the idea of Employee Engagement for in engaging themselves for everyone means a huge part in the foundation of a solid victory even until years and more years to come.

The secret of every business lies in the employees as they engage themselves in cooperating with the leaders and the leaders engaging themselves in making a positive communication of reaching out to its members.

Philosophy of Human Person: "Man has a super-temporal dimensions"

Man in the end will find the highest expression of the world which is to conform to what is good, true and moral. And that only the man is a moral being. He is a person. Man knows what is good and bad according to the dictates of his conscience. Thus, this kind of characteristics in man make him distinct from the other animals. Only man has the sole power of extraordinary thinking that resides to radiate his sole choice of doing what is good and neglect doing what is bad.

Event Management Software

When in terms of business, it all boils down to quality service, smooth transactions, perfect planning and of course, technologically updated and competent software.

No one wants to gamble enjoying what kind of services that make every endeavors in a slow, snail motion. Today's advancement always rely ultimate and solely to what directly meets the instant needs and demands of the people which of course sheltered to embrace quality, reliability and effectiveness. And these perfect services are mainly reflected with the help of Event Management Software which makes people's every transaction, a reality and a big possibility of quality, fast and reasonable services anytime, anywhere around the world. In this manner, there is proper communication that leads to individuals, making every business a solid path in furthering success and progress more and more each day.

Because of the tremendous help of the Event Management Software, every business is given the right justice!

What was the Renaissance?

It was the time of creativity and ultimate change in political, economic, cultural and even political aspects. It simply lures to the changes that took place in the way people viewed themselves and their world. It is the time of "rebirth" after the disunity of the medieval times.

Latin still is the language of the Church and of educated people. Renaissance simply produce new attitudes toward learning and culture. They are eager to explore the richness and variety of human experience. This time is indeed sets persons with talents in many fields. It is so because of the wide-range of curiosity that led the people to explore the new worlds which writers and artists were the products of adventurous spirits.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sand Ceremony

"Two become one"

This phrase always entails unity which is shared by two and unite as one. This is mostly dominant in every wedding celebration and the main highlight always goes with the idea of sand ceremony.

Sand ceremony has been the ever memorable part in a wedding celebration as well, for it symbolizes the couple's love and commitment in one through marriage. They can select the color of the sand during the unity sand ceremony that perfectly signify their choice.

This celebration is simple yet it is sophisticated for it implies full of meaning as two become one forever.        

Philosophy of Human Person: "Man has a super temporal dimensions." (Explanation)

Man in the end will find the highest expression of the world. He conforms to what is good, true and moral. Man is the only moral being. He is a person. He knows what is right and wrong through his conscience.

Personalized Napkins

Wedding celebration is all about the communion of two lovers who decide to take a vow in great love and union as one. This wedding celebration is the most special part of both of them who take part in uniting together as bride and groom. Because of its grandest essence as it is special in one's lifetime, it is of most brilliant idea to make things personalized.

The personalized napkins give a spark of an extraordinary and brilliant idea that make the event more special and indeed memorable. In this manner, the depths of its essence surely imply super special. With the name of the bride and groom in the personalized napkins make the wedding celebration at its maximum level of perfect happiness and the implication always entails and imprints smiles of faces all around.

Philosophy of Human Person - "Man is a beginning and end" (Explanation)

Death should be a welcome to man. In death, we have an encounter of the Creator. The meaning of life must understand the meaning of death.

Death is the final separation of body and spirit. In death, we pass to another life. Death is the end of everything. It is a process by which a man will live again a welcomed life.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding celebration always spells a memorable lifetime experience. In fact, to plan for a wedding celebration is always a good option in order to have the ever-smooth sailing wedding experience that ensures happiness for lifetime.

The things that play a huge role in a wedding celebration are the wedding cake toppers and they come from different styles. Wedding cake toppers display what kind of interest do you want to reveal for your wedding cake. It simply explains the kind of uniqueness you want to imply to others through your wedding cake toppers. In this way, all comes in the great preparation and the kind of wedding cake toppers also take big part in the success of your wedding day celebration.

Philosophy: Explanation regarding "Man is a being in a situation"

"Man is a being in a situation."

It defines solely the determinist of man's nature as well as man's capability to choose. Man doesn't have choices when they are young, but when they grow up as teenage or adults, they have the ability to rationalize. Man thinks and go over the determinism of nature. Man now has wisdom in order to determine the natural world. He knows to choose between right and wrong according to what he thinks best and what his heart dictates him to do. He exercise the determinist in him through making choices and to think deeply in any way in order to come up with the kind of solution or result. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who is Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale developed the first theory of nursing which is the "Environmental Model". She focused on the environment to place the patient in the best conditions for nature to act. She believed that the body could repair itself in a nurturing environment. Noise, nutrition, hygiene, light, comfort, socialization and hope are the factors that the environment do really has. On the other hand, she provided the nursing profession which is called "Legacy of Caring".

Nightingale said, "Nursing out to signify the proper use of fresh air, light, cleanliness, warmth, quiet and the proper selection and administration of diet - all at the least expense of vital power to the patient."

She was born in May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy. She is from a wealthy and well-traveled family. She was expected to behave like every other Victorian lady and how to perfect hostess.

She had a great compassion and concern for people. She believed that she is called to serve humankind. At the age of 24, she helped the suffering masses and desired to work in the hospital which her idea was opposed by his family which they fought about it for a long time before allowing her to go to Kaiserworth, Germany to study nursing from the Institution of Deaconesses.

She served the wounded soldier during the Crimean War. Because of her works in reforming nursing, she was given the title, "Founder of the Modern Nursing." She believed that the person is a holistic human being.. She advocated that nursing is a spiritual calling which she assumed that nurses can help those clients who were spiritually distress.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Transporte Muenchen

The way to a perfect service comes in quality, quick and comfort. 

People are wanting only the best in services. In fact, the kind of service that people always want are those that are in the instant of serving them the right, fast and easy way but with quality. That indeed are the main considerations that business that deals dealing with services are opting to and doing as well. 

Overnight Kurier is indeed a 24/7 service of helping the every business and transaction of people worth a good job in reaching messages or packages right at their doors. In fact, Transporte Muenchen has been serving Germany and the world for many years of helping people receive and send their messages or packages safe, whole and intact. 

Kurier Service Muenchen understands that the main concern of their customers is to bring whole and serve them with quality for they simply understand that everything happens for a greater reason of living and enjoying what they themselves make out of their business. 

For fast, quality and super serviceable kind of deals, only Overnight Kurier brings every package or messages indeed a big aspects of happiness to both the part of the sender and the receiver. 

That is why, if you want to send anything in big or small amount or package, then you can never go wrong with Transporte Muenchen. 
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