Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How does physical attractiveness affect sexual relation?

Part of the quiz that our professor in Philosophy of Human Person (subject) demands us to really express what is on our mind regarding the question that circled more on the topic of Physical Attractiveness. Here is my answer to the question he raised in the quiz:

Physical attractiveness is the degree of regarding man as pleasantly beautiful through his physical traits. A beautiful woman with elegant dress who is tall and has a shiny hair may always imply men to be attracted to her. Thus, also in another way, man who is handsome, with good body built and good posture will always magnetize women to be attracted to him. The feeling of appreciation always imply certain force that captures the senses that those handsome men or women will be magnetized on how they perceive the physical looks of a certain man as their main object. There may be involvement of lustful desire or just mere admiration for the pleasantness displayed in the physical attractiveness of a person which can also be based on how men or women view it. But it always involved attraction out form the attractiveness being displayed. 

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