Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Life is not lived, one has to live life." (Philosophy of Human Person)

We live in our own lives. We are the sole master of our own soul. Man's purpose of existence boils to his vocation to serve, making the others his top priority which he puts himself last.

Life is not lives which clearly view that there is no sole pattern or exact points that man all his life will remain in extreme poverty or misfortunes and end up hopeless all his life. Man has choices to do what he wants to do in his life.

One has to live life as the way he makes it. Life is the way we make it. Since man is the master of his soul, through his desired vocation, he chooses to be such because that is the kind of life he wanted to be. One has to live life the way he wanted it positively. He draws himself to positive and pleasant choices that will drive him to further define the kind of vocation he wanted to be.

No one dictates him to do something which he ought to do. No one will force him or command him to live a life according to what they say. No one lives in a structured, patterned life. Life takes in its fullest happiness and enjoyment based on one an dhow one forms his life - as life the way he makes it. One has to live life always looks, adheres, aspires and attains the positive principles in living life. The way one pushes harder and going out form his limits or comfort zones through breaking-through in positive ways share the kind of life one makes it. One has to live life always seeks to do the positives. Thus, in this way, he is living more than his life. 

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