Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Philosophy of Human Person: "Man as-being-in the world"

The first consideration should be that man is definitely related to his own existence in the physical world. To influence others, influenced by others and man is thrown into the world because of his physical existence of which he did not choose to be thrown into this kind of world. He can't be conceived in the world except the world today. He can't live in the world outside the world he lives in. Man's existence is atone in the present world.

His physicality is designed. He can't exist in the world. The moment he is in the world, the determinism that he can't control manifest in him because of rationality. He can do this outside the determinist. He must rely to his body and his relation to his body.

In this situation, therefore, man is not his body but he is somebody. Man is not a thing, but he is someone. To exist is to stand out. He controls the world because man is related for the world. Man is influencing others as others influenced him as well.

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