Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rise of Europe: Society in the Middle Ages (World Civilization)

The discussion that we had in the class of our Humanities subject boils to the topic about the "Society in the Middle Age". Here are the gathered facts that I have taken down notes:

1. Agricultural Revolution
-from Feudalism, it went to agriculture
*Plow - wooden to iron, animal driven - important animals are the oxen and the horses 
*Watermill and Windmill are the signature of their livelihood
*The discovery of Agriculture paved way for the adaption of peasant.
*3 Field System views 3 varieties of crops:
1. beans     2. legumes     3. peas   (these are important for the diet of the peasant which they can only afford)

2. Commercial Revolution
-Venice is the trading center
-businesses flourished - banks, merchants are there, money reappeared,bills
-Bill of Exchange - law protect consumers' rights

-Social Changes: 1. new business established    2. transfer merchant of Europe
-Guild - created business, associate in the town, pass law, make laws
-Woman are important for the guild because they are the ones who records, keeps documents, etc.
...Then city-life flourished.

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