Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feeling the need to help..."Sandy" Storm in the US

Indeed, when natural calamity strikes a country, it doesn't need the sole force of the people to hinder its cause of distractions for no one can possibly do that. What has left is to let it do its thing and of course, the causes are that so hard to accept.

Seeing the place of New York is indeed a beautiful part in the US. It is a place of bountiful entertainments and media, and of course, I can say that it all has it all! But in a sudden, it feels like everything turns out to be not so very fine.

The kind of disaster that "Sandy" brought to New York and to its neighboring places donates a huge horrible impact that spells total and extreme downfall of what progressive New York seem to look like. It simply make everything what New York has founded to build, in a manner of a "lost" and totally devastated.

Seeing the people struggle is so hard to make a fun because in a first place, there is nothing to be funed off! I really took pity to all of them especially to those lives has been shattered and were lost.

Indeed, no one can have all the powerful force to stop "Sandy" from causing its bad omen. But in the end, all will be okay because people instinctly finds its way to fully make everything fine!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Food that makes one's stomach full.

When I am hungry, I turned satisfying my hunger with this kind of food which is my favorites ones.

I go for these kinds because it gives me the kind of energy that I get out from my eating. It uplifts my hunger into real satisfaction. It nourishes my appetite of eating more. It invigorates myself of happily attaining what I really want to put into my stomach.

This is the ideal food for the Filipino like me.These food are:



bread and coffee

 These all are always the prefect match in order to have a good eating appetite!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

North Orleans Northshore, Covington and Environs, Louisiana, USA

If you want to experience bustling communities with an appealing belnd of big-city sophistication and small-town charm, Northshore has it all!

It is St. Tammany Parish town of Covington, Slidell and Mandeville with its groves of pine trees and nature preserves highlights the place's main view. The Tammany Place bike path also provides cyclists, joggers and walkers easy access to the area. Furthermore, Annadele's Plantation where magnolias shade lawns serve as overlooking the Bogue Falaya River. In Folsom, people can see the prestigious Pontchartrian Vineyards and Winery. Indeed, there are lots more to discover about North Orleans Northshore and it's for real!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Done with the TFN activity

My sister together with her classmates had the Variety Show in connection with their subject in Theoretical Foundation in Nursing yesterday with their instructor, Professor Darlene Soriano, RN, MN.

I know for sure that she is having a very good time in the presentations as well as she has the time to take post with her teacher. Their Variety Show portrays the life of the various nursing theorists and their theory which they incorporate the show on how they view the concepts, ideas and information presented by the different theorist. They have also invited some guests to witness their show and the two visitors also had their short talk.

Good thing that their professor really like their presentation because it was lovely and done so greatly well. In fact, their teacher was not able to expect that they will come up with that kind of a huge presentation.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Knowing the Truth

This day is like a shocking day for me. My friend told me that I have a goiter. I confirmed it to my other friends and they told me just the same, I have a goiter.

I was in the state of denial because I suspected for having a goiter but I thought that it is just something to do with the problem of my throat that I can't swallow that much and I do experience coughing. I thought what I have felt is not the kind that would lead to a serious goiter problem. Now, I am sad, so sad that I feel like a failure.

I didn't expect this would happen to me. I felt like this is the end of my life. I feel like I need to earn more and work even harder so that I can be able to sustain myself from getting away of this goiter. I don't want to think more on this but I am not able to get away of always thinking of "I have a goiter." I would love to know that my friends are just joking, but I guess they are right. I couldn't stand on this. I hope that I can be able to accept the fact and face this problem. I am now quite in the point of self-denial.

Having known the real thing, the truth really hurts. Now, I am feeling that. Now, I am like without hope. Now, I am like a disease to myself. It is just so sad that this is happening to me. I start questioning, "Does God love me?", "Why He lets me give this?"  Now, I should not suppose to ask that. I am that bad for asking God, where in fact, it is my fault.

I would like to amuse myself of thinking not so deeply about this problem. But I just can't quit from thinking. I feel like I am the most worthless person in this world. My friends told me that goiter is a serious disease that could lead to the bulging and protruding of the eyes. I hope that I will not come to that state. What I am thinking right now is that, I will try my best to find better solution for this.

I have searched through the Internet about goiter, and I have found out that it is not cancerous. I will just have to eat seafood, shell, shrimp and iodized salt in order to heal this. I am positive on my pursuit for total healing. I don't want to have an operating procedure on this but I do really care to find better solution for this. I know I can make it. Indeed, truth really hurts and that is a fact!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A little but worthy request to a teacher.

Examination is here. It is the time where I dwell into the final test whether I will be able to proceed to my next level in the second semester or will I be left behind. Apparently, it is a sad experience for someone who in the first day of the school is ever trying so hard in order to pursue college life with all its best in burning candles everyday.

I am in the point of always relying myself to do good in school. Of course, I don't want that my parents will get disappointed with me because of not doing well in school. Tuition is high. The miscellaneous is not a joke. The other school fees are that big and of course, my everyday allowance is also that big aspect for my parents' part to send me to school everyday and I just drop the subject for selfish reason. That is of course, NO WAY!

When examination comes, there are lots of preparations students do really do. Study here and there. Studying more and even harder. But not so good for those who study less and always rely to cheating here and there.

I hate students who do cheat especially during examination and even quizzes. It is so unfair on my part that I study a lot and they are just getting high grades because they are like cheating. Oftentimes professor doesn't know about the cheating business that is rampantly spreading in the classroom. I don't think our professor doesn't give a damn of not minding them, but it seems like the technique is that hard to recognize. But me, I am very observant to my classmates who do cheat in the class. I know all their ways. I know all their plans. It is so unfair for me because they are getting a high score because of easy business and me, I am honestly doing my part as a student. But I don't of course, would like to follow their cruel ways. I don't cheat.

That is why, I ask little but worthy request to my teacher that whenever he gives a quiz or an examination day comes, all the students should placed their bags in front of the classroom. The cell phones and other gadgets must be placed inside the bag. Only the questionnaire with its extra sheet must be on the table with pens as well. The hands should be inspected with the teacher. The teacher should here and there passes through in order to monitor the students. All those people in the back should occupy the front seats. And there are lots of things that teachers can do in order to expect a well-smooth and honest examination that is free from cheating.

I am so happy that my teacher imply all of those good things that he should do in order to enjoy a fair and honest examination.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chemical Reaction

Number 2

Number 1

Number 3

Number 4

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sample Posters

This is some of the sample posters which were made by the students. I decided to capture them because I find it helpful especially for those who would like to find ideas on what posters are all about. 

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