Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feeling the need to help..."Sandy" Storm in the US

Indeed, when natural calamity strikes a country, it doesn't need the sole force of the people to hinder its cause of distractions for no one can possibly do that. What has left is to let it do its thing and of course, the causes are that so hard to accept.

Seeing the place of New York is indeed a beautiful part in the US. It is a place of bountiful entertainments and media, and of course, I can say that it all has it all! But in a sudden, it feels like everything turns out to be not so very fine.

The kind of disaster that "Sandy" brought to New York and to its neighboring places donates a huge horrible impact that spells total and extreme downfall of what progressive New York seem to look like. It simply make everything what New York has founded to build, in a manner of a "lost" and totally devastated.

Seeing the people struggle is so hard to make a fun because in a first place, there is nothing to be funed off! I really took pity to all of them especially to those lives has been shattered and were lost.

Indeed, no one can have all the powerful force to stop "Sandy" from causing its bad omen. But in the end, all will be okay because people instinctly finds its way to fully make everything fine!

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