Friday, November 30, 2012

I have sore eyes.

I wasn't expecting this could happen to me. Yesterday, it was so itchy and minty. But now, the red are coming and it is even more. I am suffering much itchiness and I can't tolerate to look at the lights directly.

As far as I can remember. What triggers me probably of me having sore eyes is when I do lots of make-up last Thursday for our activity in the school. My teacher wants all of us ladies to do the make-up thing that really impressible. And so what I did, I apply much on the face.

I am not used to putting make-up even hard ones. I am just exposing the real face of me, with no make-up on mostly in school. And here goes our presentation. My eyes get irritated. Right from the start I was so comfortable with my make-up because I don't want that my eyes will be irritated. This I find the cause why I suffer much right now of having sore eyes.

What I do right now is to get over this sore eyes so that I will be going to school next week with no questions from my classmates on what is happening. Sore eyes makes me feel ill!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best and Affordable Eyeglasses

Good vision is important that a person has gotten into the colorful world, a chance to see what actually the world look like. But there are some people that people do suffer poor vision and the problem of their eyes should need the right eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses are helpful in many ways. As people grows older, the capacity for our eyes to give its maximum sight also deteriorate. In another way as well, when a person suffers poor eyesight right as he progresses to live life from young to old, he should vest the right kind of eyeglasses for him to be able to actually see in clear sight the things that this world gives.

It is a big problem when one is looking sight, but there is a sure way to correct them, eyeglasses.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shawnee National Forest in Illinois, Chicago, USA

It was named from an American Indian tribe who once lived in the place. In fact, "Shawnee" means "southern" in the Algonquian language. It views with the vast hills and dense forest in southernmost Illinois between Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. It is where North and South and East and West display a rocky formation and natural views.

The glacial runoff packed with ice and stone carved out the place's interest. This view more such as the Little Grand Canyon. There is the River-to-River Trail that goes through Battery Rock on the Ohio River to Devil's Backbone Park in Grand Tower on the Mississippi.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I hate in waiting.

I expected to be okay this day. I am excited to go to school but it seems that the start of school day is not getting excited for me. I am really bored on waiting for my teachers to come. But the enrollment is not yet done and so, there is no other way but to wait for the class to push through.

In waiting especially when one is expecting, it feels like I am in the verge of getting disappointed as well as regretful because it seems that I did not do something for this day and all my time is wasted doing nothing but just sitting down and waiting for the clock to tick until it gets dark.

I feel bored. I don't want to end up this day just merely staring, looking and doing nothing because it makes me impotent and unsatisfied. I feel really disgusted because I know that the time is wasted and the teachers are not here.

In waiting, it downs me a lot. In waiting, I don't want to spoil my day but there is nothing I can do because there is nothing to do really. I hate this day. I hate to wait in line. I hate that my teachers are not in the class. I hate that there is no class. I hate it a lot!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

When selfishness strikes within the self.

It is apparently so deep to help and all the life you have is helping and the people don't try to understand. It is so disgusting to grow in the world where it seems that it is only me always have the must to work hard. It seems that my body is dying. Suffer from various illnesses, I don't try to decipher what lies ahead in the minds of many when the request for help is so meager to be given.

I almost can think that I will not help anymore. In times like I need help, there is no one there. All my life is living in a world where all I do is for the betterment for all but it seems that there is no help. I hate this kind of world.

I am like dying but no one sees to feel me!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Visa prepaid debit: The right solution in every situation.

At all times people do need the right solution especially in terms of credits and pertaining to such matter. Good thing that there is an option that is indeed wise and helpful in attaining the needs of every individual to secure the right thing at all times.

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With Visa prepaid debit, it simply shows the way to the right kind of business!
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