Friday, November 30, 2012

I have sore eyes.

I wasn't expecting this could happen to me. Yesterday, it was so itchy and minty. But now, the red are coming and it is even more. I am suffering much itchiness and I can't tolerate to look at the lights directly.

As far as I can remember. What triggers me probably of me having sore eyes is when I do lots of make-up last Thursday for our activity in the school. My teacher wants all of us ladies to do the make-up thing that really impressible. And so what I did, I apply much on the face.

I am not used to putting make-up even hard ones. I am just exposing the real face of me, with no make-up on mostly in school. And here goes our presentation. My eyes get irritated. Right from the start I was so comfortable with my make-up because I don't want that my eyes will be irritated. This I find the cause why I suffer much right now of having sore eyes.

What I do right now is to get over this sore eyes so that I will be going to school next week with no questions from my classmates on what is happening. Sore eyes makes me feel ill!

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