Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I hate in waiting.

I expected to be okay this day. I am excited to go to school but it seems that the start of school day is not getting excited for me. I am really bored on waiting for my teachers to come. But the enrollment is not yet done and so, there is no other way but to wait for the class to push through.

In waiting especially when one is expecting, it feels like I am in the verge of getting disappointed as well as regretful because it seems that I did not do something for this day and all my time is wasted doing nothing but just sitting down and waiting for the clock to tick until it gets dark.

I feel bored. I don't want to end up this day just merely staring, looking and doing nothing because it makes me impotent and unsatisfied. I feel really disgusted because I know that the time is wasted and the teachers are not here.

In waiting, it downs me a lot. In waiting, I don't want to spoil my day but there is nothing I can do because there is nothing to do really. I hate this day. I hate to wait in line. I hate that my teachers are not in the class. I hate that there is no class. I hate it a lot!

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