Saturday, December 22, 2012

Health is wealth: I have realized it.

When health problems strikes the body, the most that people can think of is that to preserve one's health because life is so precious and it comes just once.

The past few weeks keep me struggling about a certain problem that really makes me very down and feeling somewhat like useless and worthless. My eyes are the target of its infliction. I have been trying to find better solutions in order to ease the pain and its redness and so my doctor prescribed me something.

I have realized that such problem like in the eyes is not that cool. I struggle from it like almost everyday and I don't want to go outside the house because people will always catch to notice the very most of my eyes and I don't want them to ask me always about it.

It is really a struggle and even until this time, there is a sort of redness still. I am finding ways to clear my eyes and be more optimistic in spite of this bad condition that I am experiencing.

I know I will be totally okay in time! Indeed, health is the very main thing that is very important to take care of.

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