Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is it necessary to make a wish during Christmas?

Wishes can be made everyday of your life. But for me, I do believe that special occasion such as Christmas makes me whole when I say my wishes to Jesus Christ who made Christmas the meaning of His presence.

Last Christmas day, on the midnight of that day, I never doubt to write my prayer and wishes on my Diary notebook. It has been my practiced that ever since before, when occasion such as Christmas comes, I always make sure that I have something to share and ask for from Him in my Diary. And so I did.

I never ask for material possessions, but rather, I ask for eternal happiness out from involving other people for me to help with. I ask for the realizations of my dreams and healing of my eyes. I ask for the peace within each heart that all nations will comes to unite and accept God, the Father of all. I pray for life that people will show and appreciate each other's presence. I pray for me of having the spirit to help and extend more in helping others, of not getting tired and getting ill. I always pray for what this life could ever have. I seek the presence of God at all times, making me accept and understand what lies ahead for me in this life.

I hold on to hope as I utter in prayers and wishes that may all what I hope for will do come true. And I believe that Christmas wishes do really come true. 

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