Thursday, December 27, 2012

Storm Sandy: A Christmas Reflection

Last October, 2012, the month set that strikes storm Sandy in New York. People are devastatedly in great chaos and turmoil. A lot of houses and properties shut down into destruction. There is a power interruption. People are clamoring for help, help and more help. This natural disaster havoc lives, inflicting people of all ages.

Reflecting from the past happening that this storm has brought, even though I am not the victim, but recalling to see the various reactions and emotions felt by many crowds, my heart still captures the fresh scene.

Christmas, this year always reminds me of blessings. That in spite of the calamities this country experiences, still, I am thankful that I am alive, healthy and well, saved from any disasters. I am thankful that people especially those who are victim of the storm Sandy has recovered and are now rebuilding their lives to normal. Even though, there are many who are wounded and few are die, but still, Christmas heals those who are feeling the great loss and frustrations the disaster claims to happen.

When such natural disaster strikes a country, it is inevitable to stop. The only great grip that one holds on to is the kind of love and understanding with acceptance to fully move on and still hope in spite of the tremendous chaos Sandy brings.

The different faces portrayed in the event is so serious and true. I wish that people are now recovering.

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