Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Looking for gig attire

Party always makes me weird. I am so worried what to wear on. I want to look extraordinarily fashionable and that is why, I have searched so much out from what I really want to wear.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Clients with Fluid Imbalance (notes)

Medical Surgical Volume 1
(August 2, 2013 – Friday)

Unit 3 – Foundation of Medical Surgical Nursing
Chapter 11 - Clients with Fluid Imbalances

-body Fluid Compartments and Exchange
-water – major body component – 60% of adult body weight
-body gains water by eating, drinking and metabolism
-water is lost as urine, feces, sweat, tears and from respiration and skin surface
-sweat and saliva are dilute, hypotonic fluids
Most of other fluids in the body are isotonic and have an osmolarity close to that of plasma
-water must cross an epithelial cell barrier (skin, respiratory tract or gastrointestinal tract) to enter or exit the body
Within the body, water is in 2 compartments:
1. 2/3 of the body water is within the cells (intracellular fluid)
2. 1/3 of the body water is outside the cell (extracellular fluid)

-water can cross freely the cell membrane and move from one compartment to the other

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When in the middle of much excitement

I admit it. I am addicted to this kind of game that has something to do with the picture above. I always find the kind of excitement to give myself a break after feeling much stresses in school. Playing with this is my pastime.

It is like a great achievement when I am in level up because it means that I have conquered and even met the desired goal of the level that I have played. The game gradually becomes difficult as the level rises. And now, I am at my 96.

I am like playing and thinking that I have really do surpass and meet the goal and fortunately, I accomplished them. My mind is working. I find moves that are appropriate that every fall would mean success. I feel excited as if I am in the level of feeling with much delight. In the middle of the game, the pursuance to activate my mind keeps on leveling up because I am after of my moves in order for the chance given will not all be consumed and there is no "retrys". But in the middle of the excitement, when all are consumed, I have it when the time sets to strike. Now, I have to wait many minutes in order to wait for game to be activated. This kind of punishment is indeed waiting. I have to wait for more minutes. And I have to because I am in the middle to too much excitement that I am ready to strike with all my might, attacking the next level. Then, sad feelings drop. What a life indeed!

Life has to transcend in waiting and even waiting even more while you are working and working. When the time is over, then the play goes on. Play, wait, go on!

Patience is tested in this kind of game. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Smile and the world will smile at you

There is no reason to be frown everyday. Life always have its ups and downs and when you are feeling down that the world seems so heavy, give yourself a break, smile!

The way we handle things and situations always boils down to the kind of choice that would drive us to go to the saddest life or to the happier ones. It is all in the state of mind. The way we decide to choose our daily path of dealing with things has something to do with our future. Being positive is to always take things with a smile. It is a big indication that no matter how life seem to be unfair or how uncertainties strike to ruin our day, still, we are reminded to smile. 

Smile is for free. Why not share it. Life is not fair to be frown.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The essence of giving

Giving is sharing. In giving, it is always accompanied with the sincere act of  sharing a thing that is intended for the person who receives it. The kind of thing being shared matters to me especially when what is given is already out of its timeline.

What I have experienced today makes me think that giving is not for the sake of sharing and all is "worth-fully" done. There need to be the essence of truer giving and that the thing being shared is not expired.  For in this case, if that is the intention, then it is not the act of sharing that has been the purpose of the giver, rather it is the act for the sake of giving for the purpose of labeling that giving without minding what is the state of the nature of the thing being given.

To give is not just for the sake that you give. There should be the heart in the center of it. It is not merely that one gives, then all the rest is up to the person. In giving, sharing is the most to be considered. Why is this so?

1. Don't share when you just give without checking the state or the condition of the thing that you have to give.
2. Share heartily and with a purpose that you share not because you can gain or owe something to the someone.
3. Do not prone yourself to share with people who are close to you. The ones that we neglected oftentimes are those that in the latter sense are the ones who are always there for us to lend a hand.
4. Share with gladness in your heart. It is good to give with a smile. Frowns are discriminators in giving and they just spoil our day out.
5. Do not make sharing nor giving a way to trap a person of making transactions easier for you then especially when you ask for favors. The ones that are winning are those that making no monetary or involving the nature of giving an asset of settling things for fast track. One should work hard to attain what one wants not in the process of giving in order to gain something.
6. Respect the receiver because even though you are the sender, the person who receives the gift is not a dump who couldn't be able to understand what is the business or your motive behind what you give.
7. Never allow giving nor sharing a vice. Spoiling someone when giving or sharing means you are making people lazy. It is proper to give or share at the right time and for the right reason.
8. Discard the concept of winning friends when you give. Friends are always at your side when you do have lots of money to share to them, but if you run out of cash for them to enjoy, they are nowhere to be found.
9. Always think of yourself when you give. Don't paired giving with the riding idea of making the kind of act just for the sake of. It is not about showing what you got that capture to define its meaning. It is the nature of reminding yourself that "can you afford to give this to someone"-thing. Never connote being social-climbers in the process of sharing.
10. Thank you. Always appreciate that even though you are the sharer, the giver, you have the determination and enthusiasm to give because not everyone has the concern and love for everyone. People don't trust individuals when it comes to sharing. It is not inseparable that when one shares, there is a paired request or returns of act that the giver will expect from the sender, a favor per se.

That is why, I end up thinking this day, "Is it because a person has given something to me for the sake of giving?", "Is there a kind of request that has been paired along in this thing, maybe not for now but for the coming days?", etc.

In this world, there is something like a "hidden ground" out of giving and it is up to the receiver to unlock the meaning. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Remembering my Mother (06-19-04)

Tomorrow is the death anniversary of my mother, Teresa "Bebing" Abucay. My sister and I will go to the cemetery. We will bring flowers and candles.  We will say our prayers to the Lord as well.

I really miss my mother so much. It is not just during her death anniversary that I miss her. My countless missing of her will go on until forever. I even dream of my mother. I remember her everyday and when I feel downs in life, her presence, I longed.

My mother died from a cancer, Myoma (stage 4). It was last June 29, 2004 that she passed away. Her struggle of the disease is horrible. At those times, I can feel her deep pain that she almost tolerates to bear it.

One thing that my mother says before she died that I also will not forget until now is when she says, "The world is so beautiful. I want to live more."

It is so hurtful for me, who at those times is just 22  years old. That was the year that I freshly graduated from college. I will not forget that. My mother was not able to attend my big day because she is resting at home due to the excruciating pain of her abdomen. I am excited at that time that maybe my mother can do it in attending my graduation, but she was not there. And I understand that.

Before she died, there was a snake that accidentally got inside the house. While my mother is slowly doing something in the kitchen, she shouted going out from the place and said to us that she saw a cobra under the sink. Luckily, our neighbors helped my father in killing the snake. On the second day after that, my mother died in the hospital.

At first, it was really painful for me to accept that I can't be able to see mother anymore. On that day after the burial, as I woke up in the morning, I imagined that she is at the kitchen, preparing the meals. I looked at the whole place in our house, reflections of her mirror like she is really personally alive. It took me almost 2 years to really accept that she is gone.

The process of my acceptance of the loss of my mother is not easy. I cried and cried. I always go to the cemetery, talking to her like as if she is really alive. I visit at the cemetery almost everyday. Suddenly tears on my face swiftly runs everytime I remember her, especially at night.

It was really a hard struggle for me. Even until now, when I am really tired about many things, and I want to share them, I am always wishing and hoping that my mother is here. I longed of her. I miss her so deeply.

But in spite of all, I have realized and totally accepted that she is really gone and she is not with us anymore. She is with the Lord in Heaven. I can feel and I know it.

I love my mother so much. That is why, I am doing my best for my sisters and my father. I am doing my best to help our family. I love my mother so much and I miss her everyday.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I see myself through others

Mirage of reflections welcome me everyday. Lots of displayed emotions captivate to let me know that I was once like you and I was with you.

Encountering numerous faces everyday gives me warm welcomes of "applauses", the kinds of applause that brings me to joy and needless to say, pain. Pain in a way that I empathized others that to the point that I could come up feeling their pain because they are struggling to the maximum and I am like so blessed to have enjoyed more in life.

Life is like a transcending color of reflections. These colors come from a variety of faces. It may be dimly black that it seems like all the pains set in. It may be colorfully green and yellow that in spite of the misfortunes, there is still the hope that leads to a better home. It is sometimes gray that there is no point in transcending to a kind of situation that spells to provide people of the right choice. It just indicates that merely one has to live life and take it as it is, with no options in mind. It is somewhat in the shades of blue that seems like the burden of the world is on me. It may appear pinkishly girly or manly in black.

Reflections of others even in various colors, I do experienced. No matter what the color may be, it is the kind of aspirations that I choose to enjoy and accept whatever it is in a way that I realize that I view myself in others.

Life is indeed a reflection. 

Online IT degree: Way to quality education

Earning to have a degree is one of the most valuable dream everyone is aspiring to enjoy for no one really wants to stay stagnant without knowledge to face life's approaches and its demands of survival. 

Let us face this reality that not all can go to school because working in order to earn a living is their prime task to face their everyday life, which of course, they make this reason their priority. Due to this very most aspect of reality, here set in the presence of online degrees in order to cater the needs of the people that despite their busy life, they can still insert to earn a degree.

The online IT degree is one of the offered degree that busy people can enroll even though they are at their busy schedules. Online IT degree sets to give education at its main role that is available for everyone, no matter how hectic they are in their other businesses. This online educational system spells availability out from stretching people busy schedules to the point that they can have their lessons according to their preferred time online. Thus, since this is an online degree, the use of computer services is highly a demand. 

Education is not to be selfish. It should be distributed and even enjoyed by everyone. No portals of borders that should block the way of education. Time, the basis of enjoying the availability of educating oneself and it is through this process that online IT degree understands that people to enjoy the right kind of education out from their busy lives.

Friday, June 14, 2013

It is just like a deja vu.

I always have this feel like I am always in a deja vu. I don't know if this is just some kind of imagination, or a sort of just an experience that it keeps me hauting now or reminded me that it already happened or it will happen in the future.

I have noticed in myself that there is a form of events that draws like a picture in my mind and then I know that it surely did not happen, but then it happens in my acquaintances in the future, but not in a long time. It quickly happens like tomorrow, next week or days so. Then, I say that I have that incidence in my mind.

I don't know if this is like a prediction or that I am just so good in anticipating what might going to happen in the future when I do something or when I have seen an action of events that portrays impact of possibilities of occurences.

I never do exaggeration when I think. It always keeps me reminded that this kind of "potential" in me is sort or part of psychology in me.

 Oftentimes, I love being this way. I enjoy seeing things the way it is reflected on my mind. It is like a sure prediction that it is going to happen or it is just like a mere deja vu.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Emotional...?Nope, I'm not.

It is really being not afraid to speak one's own mind mean being emotional? Here's what I would like to share.

People do find me emotional. And I would "yes" and of course, "no".

I am emotional in the sense that I emphatize the feelings of others. I do know how it feels in their shoe. Getting to understand the situation and having that common sense are the pillars that I have in me all the time. I know it. It is in me.

Probably, when it comes to the word, "emotional", initially, our mind-setting is like being overly worried on things, being exaggerated in one's feelings and being able not to cope and then cry in the corner and dominately be sad all the time. Well, that is not me. I am the opposite.

It is due that I have been through lots of life, as early as 5 years old. I come to know the world and love understanding them. Probably, it is just that I am so blessed with more trials, hardships and pains. But all those negative vibes can't harm the person in me.

That is why, I am partly emotional and not all the time overly emotional. I am just me.

I am in silence all the time. I am understanding and loving life.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Water, My Life!

I find satisfaction of the water that is my "soda" right now. It does everything for me.

I have found out that my love of drinking more than 8 glasses of water makes me healthy all the time. There is a kind of feeling that spells satisfaction in everything I do. I am not always get irritated easily when I don't want something. I feel that my body is not heavy. I always feel refresh and happy. I feel contented and cool.

Because of my love of water, many people are are asking me about how physically I do change. Before, they use to see me more with adipose tissue. Now, they are telling me, "You are losing weight", "You look blooming and beautiful." I take their appreciation, a complement.

"It is because of drinking a lot of water." is what I told them. Probably, water brings the most in me. I am not exhausted. I am not easily get hot-tempered. I am more calm. I am at my best right now. And I am loving it! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

On advicing: Point-of-view

It is not about advicing. It is about directing a person to reflect and answer his own questions.

Being with the people we know and trust makes us open and share our problems, whether these problems are personal, academic or just about anything. Initially, what we want to hear from them is the kind of "bulls eye" advice that it connects or even matches our own personal voice of our own problem that oftentimes, it is best that they will utter those words right on our faces. In this case, we can say that you advice me with the right one, just the same with what I think, totally correct.

But in the process of advicing, not suggesting or commenting, I would rather say that it is better to use the "bounce-back technique". How? When a person is soliciting a kind of advice from you, you will direct him to a question. You will not give him the option on how to do his own thing in solving his problem, but rather, you will lead him to the kind of realization that is implanted in his esteem, in his mind because I do know that he has the answer just within his own points-of-view. It just needs to be confirmed by you, hearing them.

People do have inner voice. That inner voice is the soul that dictates you to do what is best for you to do. Because of the overladen suggestions that you have in mind, these all comes into dumping up or messing up. Then, that is the time for you that you feel you want someone to listen to you that would probably confirm your approval on the kind of answers that would best for you to do or take an action into.

In advicing, it is not about the person speaking. It is about what is the person would like to do or decide, that best suits his inner voice and take that into action. That is why, it is best to lead the person into questions that would answer his own questions.

Friday, May 31, 2013

It is good to meet new people.

People in our lives are gifts from God. There are those that would stay for the rest of our lives. There are those who just pass for sometime. There are those who stay but then leave for a minute. All these people, no matter what duration of their stay, always mean to touch our lives in ways that they can. There is a purpose for everything.

I have meet some persons online today and I know there are various reasons of their stay or their leaving. But I have thought and realized that whatever it is for them to stay or leave in a minute, their presence and effort in doing a chat is a chance that we have encountered for a reason and purpose.

That is why, people are important. It is only when speaking to them that we will be able to communicate with each other and know them as they are, God's perfect creation.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where are deserts being created?

Deserts are said to be the hottest, barren place on earth. But this place really has its origin. Mostly, on earth’s natural deserts, the environment is being upset by poor farming methods and mismanagement.

Semi-desert areas have fragile soils and difficult climates. Several good years are often followed by several bad years. In times of good years on the desert, farmers may extend the cultivated areas, or increase their flocks and herds and dig more wells. But during dry years, crops fail, animals exhaust the pasture, the bare soil is eroded, and many wells dry up. In fact, this resulted in the problems created the “dust bowl”. 

The problem of finding enough fuel for cooking has denuded large areas of semi-desert of all trees and bushes. This makes the soil more prone to erosion. Some areas have been transformed by large irrigation projects, but poor water management can harm the soil. Then, large areas may revert to desert. 

The desert serves there is life, but most of all, it donates to the concept that there is no sure reliance of life there.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Where gold can be found?

Gold is so precious. It is so endearingly precious that finding it is so trying. Miners are always in their great luck of where to locate real gold in the earth’s crust.

Realistically, gold is found in mineral veins in rocks, or in gravels which have been washed away from areas where gold-bearing rocks have been eroded. Prospectors may pan the gravel in streams for grains of gold. 

Gold is sometimes found with quartz vein where extremely hot solutions containing molten gold have cooled in cracks and joints in the rocks. Rich vein have been found in areas of recent volcanic activity, earthquakes and mountain-building, such as the mountains on the western edge of the American continents. Countries like Alaska, California and the Andes are the places that have abundant gold. Studies reveal that in 1980 a rich new find was made in the Chilean Andes. Much of South Africa’s gold comes from mines reaching down to ancient gravels which formed a rock called conglomerate. 

Just like how precious gold is, its uses are so essential to life.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA

America’s Atlantic coast are in North Carolina’s Outer banks where there are known beautiful beaches in here. The Outer Banks is an illustrious seafaring past, but now, it is also a great sporting playground. Fine fishing awaits angles on charter boats, atop numerous piers and bridges, and off miles of oceans and sound shores. There may be pockets of unwelcome sprawl, and most of the Outer Banks has been preserved by National Park Service.
The northern Outer Banks consists largely of seasonal beach town, such as Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, where the Wright Brothers pioneered airplane flight. The mid-portion of the Outer Banks is dominated by bustling Nags Head and Jockey’s Ridge States Pack, home to towering sand dunes and a tree—lined boardwalk.
There is also the Cape Hatteras National Seashores. People can also check the world’s tallest brick lighthouses, one of seven such structures throughout the Outer Banks. You can have 268 steps for an amazing view of the area. 

The southern end of the region is known as Crystal coast, and encompasses Cape Lookout National Seashore, where wild horses have roamed Shackleford Banks centuries. It extends west through a number of family-oriented beach villages, such as Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. Just inland to the town of beautiful to visit the north Carolina Maritime Museum, where you’ll find relics from Blackhead’s 18th—century flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, which sits nearby on the Le ocean floor.

Indeed, North Carolina is this wonderful! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vin Diesel is in the Philippines

Vin Diesel loves PH and he is really enjoying. The evidence...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

High-country Ramble, Waynesville, Highlands, and Cashiers, North Carolina

In the far western reaches of North Carolina is the Appalachian mountain range, where Southerners from sultry climes flock to soak up the clean, cool mountain weather, and there’s not much in the way of formal attraction and diversions. And therein lies its beauty. You might take in the spectacular high—country scenery, hike the deep cool forest, motor along a winding two—lane highway, or raft the roaring river. Summer Festival fill mountain town with the sound of music at even turn.

Friday, May 3, 2013

How to prepare oneself for an examination

Taking an exam in whatever forms are indeed cramming and the factor of worrying is a big disadvantage. If there are techniques in order to pass and get a higher score for an examination, then there is also a big possibility in order to prepare oneself for an examination.

It is very important that one must read the topics ahead of time. Do not wait for your teacher to hand in the information to you, instead be resourceful and quick enough to learn by moving ahead of them in the discussion. You have to read in advance. In this way, there is no problem for you as you go along discussing the lessons because you know already what may come out as what you have expected that you have already learned them ahead of time by yourself first. It is also advantage in your part because you will not find more difficulties in dealing with the lessons because you already know through your advance reading of the topics.
Be sure also that you have enough sleep. Going to take an examination with a sleepy feeling is a hindrance for you to concentrate and you will end up forgetting all the things that you have studied. Having a proper sleep is a good way of helping yourself remember all the things that you have studied and learned and there is a huge possibility to escape the cramming momentum. Through having a good sleep, you will feel relax and confident in taking the examination. You will not worry, and you will be able to go answering the questions smoothly.
Gaining a remarkable score in examination is not impossible. One should invest sacrificing of donating huge steps to advance reading and take a high leap of a good sound sleep. Then, I tell you, there is no room for failure during examinations.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Physical Assessment: Hearing and Ear

Nursing is an interesting, practical course. That is why, I am always excited to learn how to do physical assessment because there are some things that I find helpful for my client when it comes to assessing first their physical condition and in this way, I can make a quality nursing care plan effective for them. 

Assessing the ears (sense hearing) is this simple.

External Ear Structures
1. Inspect the auricle, tragus and lobule for size and shape, proportion, lesions/discoloration and discharge.
2. Palpate the auricle and mastoid process for tenderness.

Otoscopic Examination
1. Inspect the external auditory canal with the otoscope for discharge, color and consistency of cerumen, color and consistency of canal walls, and nodules.
2. Inspect the tympanic membrane, using the oroscope, for color and shape, consistency and landmarks.
3. Have client perform the Valsalva maneuver, and observe the center of the tympanic membrane for a flutter. (Except for the older client for this may interfere with equilibrium and cause dizziness.)

Hearing and Equilibrium Tests
1. Perform the whisper test by having the client place a finger on the tragus of one ear. Whisper a two-syllable word 1 and 2 feet behind the client. Repeat on the other ear.
2. Perform the Weber test by using a tuning fork placed on the center of the head or forehead and asking whether the client hears the sound better in one ear or the same in both ears.
3. Perform the Rhinne Test by using a tuning fork and placing the base on the client's mastoid process. When the client no longer hears the sound, note the time interval, and move it in front of the external ear. When the client no longer hears a sound, note teh time interval.
4. Perform the Romberg test to evaluate equilibrium. WIth feet together and arms at the side, close eyes for 20 seconds. Observe for swaying.

Analysis of the Data
1. Formulate nursing diagnoses.
2. Formulate collaborative problems.
3. Make necessary referrals.

Source: Lab Manual to Accompany Health Assessment in Nursing, Third Edition by Janet Weber, Jane Kelley and Ann Sprengel

Engagement Rings

True love comes to everyone as the saying goes, "we are all lovers".

In life, when you found the right one that you feel deserves your love, then it is best not to pass the days unattended. How?

Through marriage, it ties not only the heart of two lovers, but it shows their great commitment of their love through richer or poorer, in sickness and in good health. That is why, tying the knot of two persons who are inlove with each other deeply need engagement rings to face the altar and take the lifetime vow of promises for each other, to be there whenever, whatever life may lead them.

The greatest meaning of life is to fight for one's love for each other and it is through the evidence of the engagement rings that the life of marriage dwell to help every lover commit to the whole meaning of what is love really all about.

Life is really meaningful if you share it with someone who you really love.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Physical Assessment: Skin, Hair and Nail

In the field of nursing or in any medical field, it is essential to do the physical assessment because this will serve as the basis for giving the patient the right intervention. When regards to assessing the skin, hair and nail, I want to share this information with you from the book that I have read authored by Janet Weber, Jane Kelley and Ann Sprengel, Health Assessment in Nursing Laboratory Manual, 3rd Edition on page 51. 

Assessment Skill
1. Gather equipment (gloves, exam light, pen light, magnifying glass, centimeter ruler, Wood's land if available).
2. Explain the procedure to the client. 
3. Ask client to gown.

1. Note any distinctive odor. 
2. Inspect for generalized color variations (browness, yellow, redness, pallor, cyanosis, jaundice, erythema, vitiligo).
3. Inspect for skin breakdown. 
4. Inspect for primary, secondary or vascular lesions. (Note size, shape, location, distribution and configuration.) Use Wood's lamp if fungus is suspected. 
5. Palpate lesions.
6. Palpate texture (rough, smooth) of skin, using palmar surface of three middle fingers. 
7. Palpate temperature (cool, warm, hot) and moisture (dry, sweaty, oily) of skin, using dorsal side of hand.
8. Palpate thickness of skin with finger pads.
9. Palpate mobility and turgor by pinching up skin over sternum.
10. Palpate for edema, pressing thumbs over feet of ankles.

Scalp and Hair
1. Inspect color. 
2. Inspect amount and distribution.
3. Inspect and palpate for thickness, texture, oiliness, lesions and parasites.

1. Inspect for grooming and cleanliness.
2. Inspect for color and markings.
3. Inspect shape.
4. Palpate texture and consistency.
5. Test for capillary refill.

Analysis of Data
1. Formulate nursing diagnoses (wellness, risk, actual)
2. Formulate collaborative problems.
3. Make necessary referrals.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Theme: The 5th Element of the Story

Initially after we read selections, stories, poems and often when we watch televisions dramas and hear stories through radios, always we form inferences by thinking about its detail. This action in mind is what we call theme-forming.

A theme is an idea. It is not the lesson or moral learned, rather it is a message about life.

If you are having problems about identifying the theme and you go rather forming moral or saying of the story in its replacement, then you need to check the title for oftentimes it reveals you a lot about the theme. Listen to the allusions of the story in order for you to jot down if its really the them or note details and its particulars. These will lead you to the them. Always bear in mind that a them does not completely explains the story. It is one of the elements that makes up the whole. Once identified as the theme, it is always should be stated in a sentence and not in phrase/s or word/s.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poem Analysis: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day (William Shakespeare)

It takes to unlock every figurative lines of this poem and fortunately, I based my interpretations on the insights I have gained from the symbols I have seen or felt on the meaning that are being used in this poem.

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day
by William Shakespeare

My interpretation:

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
(This presents a question that penetrates to permit being compared to nature the beauty of someone.)

Thou art more lovely and more temperate
(This someone is referring to a girl or lady who is more beautiful and demur. Her beauty eludes to shine like no other.)

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, 
(Before spring does come as buds of May represents, there are the following seasons like autumn and winter as well as summer also that goes through transitions of changes in the atmosphere's weather. Rough winds symbolize challenges that this season encounters.)

And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
(It indicates that time is short that summer season permits to shine.)

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
(Summer's too short and that its sun's rays give off too short exposure in time as the climate or weather changes.)

And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
(There is the passing of the cloud that shelters to define the nature of the sun as it blazes its shining rays.)

By chance or nature's changing course untrimmed:
(In the course of its shines of the sun, it always gives its light to be seen and illuminate the whole world.)

But thy eternal summer shall not fade
(Summer's beauty is ever not fading even though it went through lots of challenges, the same as beauty of the girl or lady that it is never ending even times passes by because of the kind of beauty that is incomparable and unexplanably, endearingly beautiful.)

Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st;
(Beauty is eternal. It can't fade in time.)

Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
(Neither even death could drag eternal beauty out from its shades.)

When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st:
(Intricately true beauty is everlasting.)

So long as men can breath or eyes can see,
(As long as people live and have life.)

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
(The true beauty that has been emphasized in the poem will remain not just a memorabilia, but it is immortalized in the form of its wings that it is in fact, truly alive in each of us which blooms to attracts and invites everyone to do just the same.)

The beauty that has been discussed here, for me, is the kind of beauty that is not more on physical attraction. Though I may say that it is part of beauty, but that is just a little percent of its totality. The true beauty in this poem simply connotes to the beauty of the heart, the beauty from the inside of each person. It will just fade if it is not taken care of with trust. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Candles for all occasions

Candles simply imply smoothness, warm, calm place and they are also needed in order to create a peaceful mind.

There are many designs of candles. But the most that is widely used are those that fits to the aura of the place especially the scented ones.

Candles can be seen everywhere. It can be seen at home, in the offices, in the churches and in any places that surely invites people to feel the romantic and meaningful aura that surely takes place in an event.

That is why, for varied selections of candles, www.batteryoperatedcandles.net is the place to be. They have many designs of scented candles and non-scented candles to choose from.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thomas, the Train

David loves to play this cute, little train named Thomas. Once he holds it, it is like he will cry when you get it.

I bought this toy online. This come into my idea once there was that day when my David have seen the movie, "Thomas and Friends". That moment signals me to buy this toy because my little angel wants it so much. And so I did. 

Thomas' face were scratched because David had play it like he can't resist without it in his hands. Now, I have seen him how he maneuvers to act like the train is real.

I just love David how he enjoys playing with his Thomas thoo-thoo-train so much!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big Pizza for everyone!

I really love to eat pizza and this one...Oh! So delicious!

Enjoying snacks with friends is this good and pretty amazing...I have got all the pizza in here. In fact, it was all set for four kinds. No matter what the taste is, I love them all!

Eating can be made more special and indeed enjoyable when I have all the pizza as huge as like this. It is like eating this kind is the best among the rest because it is really that consumable. In fact, all can share in this kind.

I just simply love eating pizza and this one rocks! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

My best drink in every morning

I love to drink hot water with something on it every morning. And from the many morning hot drinks that I have tried, this one I can assure you that it is so delicious and indeed invigoratingly addicting.

It comes from fine chocolate powder that when you mix it with hot water, it will really go through the whole space as it scatters to dominantly leave a taste that indeed so endearingly chocolatey.

It is so creamy like no other. And now, I am drinking this every morning. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Acne Wash: Works for all Ages

I don't have a pretty face. It is surrounded by acne. In fact, it is here, there and everywhere. But as soon as I am using this, they are all gone!

Acne can be frustrating and it is also depressing. Before, I face the crowds with lots of worrying because of the acne that is scattering on my face. And it is irritatingly disgusting.

I have tried a lot of products that would really ease the growth of acne, but they give me disappointments because instead them helping me, they aggravatingly donate huge outburst and even greater spreads of them. That is when, I find it so hard to cope. 
I have known this effective acne solution from a friend who worry much about my condition and concerns more on helping me solve them. She told me that she also had a struggle of acne but now as she is using this product, she told me that she is the ugly duckling turn out to be a beautiful Belle. Now, I believe her. She gave me more and as I use it, I find improving effects. This gives me hope to dwell on this product and neglect the others. 

Now, just like my friend, I am the beautiful Belle as well! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

History of Wine and Greek Mythology

All things has its own story - how they originate and how they come about existing.

The wine, this is the most element that makes people amuse and they indeed find relaxation while drinking with it. The existence of this element makes every face in the world at its most happiest every time they are going to take a taste of it. How wines are pretty amazing can all best explain and be known with its History of Wine and Greek Mythology.

Wine, like all things in this world exist with a purpose and one way in order to let people know why they exist is through going to know the kind of origin they used to become and known.

Love for someone

It has been about 3 years now that I am not in a relationship. I admit, I had a bad experience out from a heartbreak. Now, as I marvel to maneuver my life, I have seen the beauty of life in a way that I can see what is really it is to live like to long to love and be of love for others. I want to care someone right now.

I have seen my friend who is so close to me. Of course, with much respect, she has a girlfriend right now and that is the main thing that we can't be. I like him because of the way he is. We are just friends, but my feelings for him are not mainly for friendship. I have felt love.

Before, he is just like nothing to me. He is like my classmate and so on. But now, I am like attracted to him and I can picture myself how lucky that guy would be if I am his girlfriend. But that is so weird to think, I guess. Of course, I just let this feeling went on and then, I am just in the state of remaining as his friend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How eyes work?

Our eyes is the most important organ in our body for without it, we will not be able to see what is going on with the world.

Luckily, there are many things that we can be able to see for this world displays lots of the things that is indeed wonderful and amazing. How can one will be able to see what the world got if his eyes is not functioning well.

That is why, in order for our eyes to give the kind of reflection out from the things that we have seen around us, it is better to know how eyes work.

Friday, February 8, 2013


I am traveling in this world, clueless everyday. I don't really know what lies ahead for me. It is the kind of pain that I always want to get away with. And no matter how I want to set them aside, still I am in pain.

It is so hard to face life that I am hurting. Though I always can say that I am very much okay, but there is this kind of feeling that it keeps coming back. It is like I am just dreaming and all suddenly stuck in my mind. And I just don't want to recall.

Life displays a lot of pains. I just want to say that someday, I will better be in a life that memories would not haunt me like it will stop keep remembering back things. The fact, maybe he is thinking of me until now.

Friday, January 25, 2013


In order to control the transmission of microorganisms or any infectious disease, our hands is the main site that needs serious attention to.

Handwashing is always the primary thing to do in all types of isolation precautions. The germs are spreading everywhere and it is through giving much attention to wash our hands that the transmission of diseases or microorganisms will impede from scattering the body from the diseases.

Handwashing is the rubbing together of all surfaces and crevices of the hands using a soap or chemical  and water. It is a must to do handwashing before and after every direct contact of the patient, after arriving from work, between contacts of the patient, after removing the gloves, when hands are soiled, before and after eating, after contact with secretions and fluids of the body, after urination and defecation and whenever it is possible.

*To prevent the spread of microorganisms
*To kill the germs
*To ensure medical asepsis or clean technique

*Equipments should be accessible and easy to reach
*Water should be available and overflowing
*Wash by rubbing, circular motion and through rinsing
*Drying from cleanest (hand) to least clean area (forearm)

Procedure with Rationale: 
1. Remove jewelry. Wristwatch may be pushed up above the wrist (mid-forearm). Push sleeves of uniform or shirt up above the wrist at mid-forearm level.
Rationale: Provides access to skin surfaces for cleansing. Facitlitates cleaning of fingers, hands, and forearms.

2. Access hands for hangnails, cuts or breaks in the skin, and areas that are heavily soiled.
Rationale: Intact skin acts as a brarrier to microorganisms. Breaks in skin intergrity facilitate developemnt of infection and should receive extra attention during cleaning.

3. Turn on the water. Adjust the flow and temperature. Termperature of the water should be warm.
Rationale: Running water removes microorganisms. Warm water remoeves less of the natural skin oils thatn does hot water.

4. Wet hands and lower forearms thoroughly by holding under running water. Keep hands and forearms in the dowm position with elbows straight. Avoid splashing water and touching the sides of the sink.
Rationale: Water should flow from the least contaminated to the most contaminated areas of the skin. Hands are considered more contaminated than arms. Splashing of water facilitates transfer of microorganisms. Touching of any surface during cleaning contaminates the skin.

5. Apply about 5 ml or 1 teaspoon of liquid soap. Lather thorougly.
Rationale: Lather facilitates removal of microorganisms. Liquid soap harbors fewer bacteria than does bar soap.

6. Thoroughly rub hands together for about 20 seconds. Interlace fingers and thumbs and move back and forth to wash between digits. Rub palms and back of hands with circular motion. Special attention should be provided to areas such as the knuckles and fingernails, which are known to harbor organisms.
Rationale: Friction mechanically removes microorganisms form the skin surface. Friction loosens dirt from soiled areas.

7. Rinse with hands in the down position, elbows straight. Rinse in the direction of forearm to wrist to fingers.
Rationale: Flow of water rinses away dirt and microorganisms.

8. Blot hands and forearms to dry thoroughly. Dry in the direction of fingers to wrist and forearms. Discard the paper towels in the proper receptacle.
Rationale: Blotting reduces chapping of skin. Drying from cleanest (hand) to least clean area (forearm) prevents transfer of microorganisms to cleanest area.

9. Turn off the water faucet with a clean, dry paper towel.
Rationale: Prevents contamination of clean hands by a less clean faucet.

Source: Fundamentals of Nursing by Rick Daniels, Frederick Wilkins and Ruth Grendell

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The importance of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

HCG is present in our hormone. It allows our body to metabolize stored fats and use it for energy. This kind of hormone is also present in mothers during pregnancy.  

HCG shares a major task in our body.  Increasing hcg levels allow the body to work on fat reserves. Then the fats will be converted to energy, making you lose weight at a fast way. 

Indeed, hcg helps us to live a healthy life! 

Madeleine Leininger: Her life.

My teacher in English told the class that we are going to select out from the numerous Nursing Theorists to make a biography of their lives in terms of their background, personal achievements, their contribution and works. I have chosen Madeleine Leininger because I have admired the kind of efforts she shared especially to the field of nursing. It makes me significant to know her.

This is what I have got in my short research of her.


Madeleine Leininger, PhD, LHD, DS, CTN, RN, FAAN, FRCNA

            She was born on July 13, 1925 in Sutton, Nebraska, U.S.A.,lived on a farm with four brothers and sisters, and graduated from Sutton High School. Her desire to pursue a career in nursing was due to her inspiration and experience with her aunt who suffered from congenital heart disease. She died at her home at the same state on August 10, 2012.
            She earned a nursing diploma from St. Anthony's Hospital School of Nursing, followed by undergraduate degrees at Mount St. Scholastica College and Creighton University. She received a Master of Science in Nursing at Catholic University of America. She later studied cultural and social anthropology at the University of Washington, earning a Ph.D. in 1966.
            Professor Leininger was Dean of the Schools of Nursing at the University of Washington and the University of Utah. She was the first full-time President of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and one of the first members of the American Academy of Nursing in 1975. She is the author and editor of over 28 books and over 200 published articles. She has given approximately 1,800 keynote and general public lectures in the USA and overseas. She was the first graduate professional nurse to pursue a PhD in anthropology in the 1950s and conducted the first transcultural nursing research study in the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea. Since then she has studied over 15 Western and non-Western cultures. She remains active as a transcultural researcher, theorist, and consultant with several organizations worldwide.

            During her past 50 years in academe, she has taught over 30,000 nursing students and students from other disciplines in her areas of expertise namely transcultural nursing, health care, globalization of health care, qualitative research methods, human caring, the theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality, cultures of nursing and medicine, structure of cultural organizations, and the future of nursing and health care.
            Her main contribution especially to the world of Nursing is her Madeleine Leininger's theory of Transcultural Nursing, also known as Culture Care Theory, falls under both the category of a specialty, as well as a general practice area. The theory has now developed into a discipline in nursing.
            Dr. Leininger's theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality with her well known Sunrise Model and her ethnonursing research method continue to be used worldwide as the major holistic and yet particularistic theory to establish the transcultural nursing discipline and profession as the new direction for the future. This theory was the first cultural care nursing theory and the first ethnonursing research method in nursing. While the theory was slow to take hold due to nurses' lack of knowledge about cultures and transcultural care phenomena, it has gained significance worldwide. Dr. Leininger was the first in the 1960s to coin the concept "culturally congruent care" which was the goal of the Theory of Culture Care, and today the concept is being used globally. Her Culture Care Theory is being taught in many nursing schools and used in general interdisciplinary health professional schools and community agencies. It is also used for culturalogical assessments to transform health care systems from largely unicultural to multicultural practices. Canada, Finland, Sweden, Australia, the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean have discovered the importance of the culture care theory to arrive at holistic and comprehensive care knowledge to guide nursing practices. Today the transcultural nursing and health care movement is viewed by many as one of the most significant and major breakthroughs of the 20th Century and essential for future health care practices.
            Leininger held at least three honorary doctoral degrees. He held faculty positions at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Colorado, followed by service as a nursing school dean at both the University of Washington and the University of Utah. She was Professor Emeritus of Nursing at Wayne State University and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. She received an honor and awards in 1998 for Living Legend, American Academy of Nursing and  Distinguished Fellow, Royal College of Nursing in Australia.
            It was in the early 1950s Dr. Leininger saw a critical need to establish the new field of transcultural nursing as a formal area of study and practice. Then in 1974, she spearheaded establishing the Transcultural Nursing Society as the official organization with annual trans-world conventions with chapters of the society. Later, in 1978 the National Research Caring Conferences that became the International Caring Association in 1987. She also established the Journal of Transcultural Nursing and served as editor from 1989-1995. In addition, she initiated and promoted worldwide certification of transcultural nurses (CTN) for client safety and knowledgeable care for people of diverse cultures.
            The Transcultural Nursing theory first appeared in Leininger's Culture Care Diversity and Universality, published in 1991, but it was developed in the 1950s. The theory was further developed in her book Transcultural Nursing, which was published in 1995. In the third edition of Transcultural Nursing, published in 2002, the theory-based research and the application of the Transcultural theory are explained.
            In transcultural nursing, nurses practice according to the patient's cultural considerations. It begins with a culturalogical assessment, which takes the patient's cultural background into consideration in assessing the patient and his or her health. Once the assessment is complete, the nurse should use the culturalogical assessment to create a nursing care plan that also takes the patient's cultural background into consideration.
            There are many reasons it's beneficial for nurses to use cultural knowledge of patients to treat them. First of all, it helps nurses to be aware of ways in which the patient's culture and faith system provide resources for their experiences with illness, suffering, and even death. It helps nurses to be understanding and respectful of the diversity that is often very present in a nurse's patient load. It also helps strengthen a nurse's commitment to nursing based on nurse-patient relationships and emphasizing the whole person rather than viewing the patient as simply a set of symptoms or an illness. Finally, using cultural knowledge to treat a patient also helps a nurse to be open minded to treatments that can be considered non-traditional, such as spiritually based therapies like meditation and anointing.
            In the Transcultural Nursing theory, nurses have a responsibility to understand the role of culture in the health of the patient. Not only can a cultural background influence a patient's health, but the patient may be taking home remedies that can affect his or her health, as well.
            Leininger identified three nursing decisions and actions that achieve culturally friendly care for the patient. They are: cultural preservation or maintenance, cultural care accomodation or negotiation, and cultural care repatterning or restructuring. (Leininger, 2012)


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Everything in life has its ups and downs

Life displays various facets of sides. At times we can be happy, at times also we can be sad.

Life is not constant as it is not fair. The inequalities of the way life is tends to have its purpose for the formation of values and the realization of changing for the better from the worst.

It is apparently disgusting to feel life's bitterness. There is no constant happiness that would allow everyone to fully explore what it really means. That out from the feeling of being happy, we are then bombarded with successive trials and frustrations plus worries ahead of us.

The changing mood of life's tide is unpredictable. In one time, you will feel like a millionaire, then all of a sudden, you are in grief. There is that moment when you laugh out loud and it pays you more pain and deep regrets afterwards. There are pauses of misfortunes along the way and the ups are just at the end.

Indeed, life is so queer. No matter how we set to aspire for better things that there should be no interruptions and distractions, but still it gives finds its way to inflict pain and its much deeper pain.

But after all, I find life as wonderful!  

Wedding Invitations: How important it is.

Before any celebration takes place, part of the plan is to give invitations ahead of time to invited friends, guests as well as closed families as well.

Wedding celebration calls for the need to give Wedding invitations months or days before the wedding day. It should be included in the plan and in fact, giving of the wedding invitations should be the topmost priority that lovers who plan to get married should think of. They should indicate to whom they are going to send the wedding invitation, indicating the complete name of the person being invited. If the person is living far from their place, it is necessary to send the invitation ahead of time.

The purpose of sending Wedding invitation even to your closed family is a sort of respect and formal approach that the lovers' who will tie the knot in a wedding ceremony would make them feel dignified that they are part of the once-in-a-lifetime event. It is the presence that calls for the invitation and that the need of each other is there for its success.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Biochemistry: How important it is.

The benefits of Moscato in health.

The body needs to be healthy. It needs to be nourished with only what we call healthy elements for normal functioning.

To live healthy is what most of the people do want and even work out for. In fact, the kind of preparations and activities that people want to attain doing is to be fit and healthy all their lives. Some finds great shelter in whatever forms of attaining healthy they are into. There are others who go for physical exercise, cutting too much food intake and of course, taking something healthy in for the body. And the last would always connote to explain that people do need something they have to take in in order to attain optimum good health.

The secret? It is all in a healthy drink! In fact, it is in moscato. Then you will want to know, what is moscato?

Moscato is the healthy solution for a good health habit!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Django Unchained: What to expect

This action/adventure movie is directed by Quentin Tarantino and stars Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson.

The story circled more quest for truth and justice. Thre is the rescuing of a wife from the brutal enemy, the Mississippi Plantation owner and much more.

This film goes hand-in-hand for your watching adventure!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Netherland's Amsterdam

What a beautiful place everyone can see here at Amsterdam. It is the Netherlands' most visited place as well.

Amsterdam is said to be the largest city and capital of Netherlands. This city is situated in the province of North Holland which is in the west part of the country. It is also regarded as one of the important port in the world as well due to business trading.

This is truly Netherlands' one of its precious!
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