Saturday, January 12, 2013

Everything in life has its ups and downs

Life displays various facets of sides. At times we can be happy, at times also we can be sad.

Life is not constant as it is not fair. The inequalities of the way life is tends to have its purpose for the formation of values and the realization of changing for the better from the worst.

It is apparently disgusting to feel life's bitterness. There is no constant happiness that would allow everyone to fully explore what it really means. That out from the feeling of being happy, we are then bombarded with successive trials and frustrations plus worries ahead of us.

The changing mood of life's tide is unpredictable. In one time, you will feel like a millionaire, then all of a sudden, you are in grief. There is that moment when you laugh out loud and it pays you more pain and deep regrets afterwards. There are pauses of misfortunes along the way and the ups are just at the end.

Indeed, life is so queer. No matter how we set to aspire for better things that there should be no interruptions and distractions, but still it gives finds its way to inflict pain and its much deeper pain.

But after all, I find life as wonderful!  
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