Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love for someone

It has been about 3 years now that I am not in a relationship. I admit, I had a bad experience out from a heartbreak. Now, as I marvel to maneuver my life, I have seen the beauty of life in a way that I can see what is really it is to live like to long to love and be of love for others. I want to care someone right now.

I have seen my friend who is so close to me. Of course, with much respect, she has a girlfriend right now and that is the main thing that we can't be. I like him because of the way he is. We are just friends, but my feelings for him are not mainly for friendship. I have felt love.

Before, he is just like nothing to me. He is like my classmate and so on. But now, I am like attracted to him and I can picture myself how lucky that guy would be if I am his girlfriend. But that is so weird to think, I guess. Of course, I just let this feeling went on and then, I am just in the state of remaining as his friend.

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