Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where are deserts being created?

Deserts are said to be the hottest, barren place on earth. But this place really has its origin. Mostly, on earth’s natural deserts, the environment is being upset by poor farming methods and mismanagement.

Semi-desert areas have fragile soils and difficult climates. Several good years are often followed by several bad years. In times of good years on the desert, farmers may extend the cultivated areas, or increase their flocks and herds and dig more wells. But during dry years, crops fail, animals exhaust the pasture, the bare soil is eroded, and many wells dry up. In fact, this resulted in the problems created the “dust bowl”. 

The problem of finding enough fuel for cooking has denuded large areas of semi-desert of all trees and bushes. This makes the soil more prone to erosion. Some areas have been transformed by large irrigation projects, but poor water management can harm the soil. Then, large areas may revert to desert. 

The desert serves there is life, but most of all, it donates to the concept that there is no sure reliance of life there.
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