Monday, May 27, 2013

Where gold can be found?

Gold is so precious. It is so endearingly precious that finding it is so trying. Miners are always in their great luck of where to locate real gold in the earth’s crust.

Realistically, gold is found in mineral veins in rocks, or in gravels which have been washed away from areas where gold-bearing rocks have been eroded. Prospectors may pan the gravel in streams for grains of gold. 

Gold is sometimes found with quartz vein where extremely hot solutions containing molten gold have cooled in cracks and joints in the rocks. Rich vein have been found in areas of recent volcanic activity, earthquakes and mountain-building, such as the mountains on the western edge of the American continents. Countries like Alaska, California and the Andes are the places that have abundant gold. Studies reveal that in 1980 a rich new find was made in the Chilean Andes. Much of South Africa’s gold comes from mines reaching down to ancient gravels which formed a rock called conglomerate. 

Just like how precious gold is, its uses are so essential to life.
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