Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Emotional...?Nope, I'm not.

It is really being not afraid to speak one's own mind mean being emotional? Here's what I would like to share.

People do find me emotional. And I would "yes" and of course, "no".

I am emotional in the sense that I emphatize the feelings of others. I do know how it feels in their shoe. Getting to understand the situation and having that common sense are the pillars that I have in me all the time. I know it. It is in me.

Probably, when it comes to the word, "emotional", initially, our mind-setting is like being overly worried on things, being exaggerated in one's feelings and being able not to cope and then cry in the corner and dominately be sad all the time. Well, that is not me. I am the opposite.

It is due that I have been through lots of life, as early as 5 years old. I come to know the world and love understanding them. Probably, it is just that I am so blessed with more trials, hardships and pains. But all those negative vibes can't harm the person in me.

That is why, I am partly emotional and not all the time overly emotional. I am just me.

I am in silence all the time. I am understanding and loving life.
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