Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I see myself through others

Mirage of reflections welcome me everyday. Lots of displayed emotions captivate to let me know that I was once like you and I was with you.

Encountering numerous faces everyday gives me warm welcomes of "applauses", the kinds of applause that brings me to joy and needless to say, pain. Pain in a way that I empathized others that to the point that I could come up feeling their pain because they are struggling to the maximum and I am like so blessed to have enjoyed more in life.

Life is like a transcending color of reflections. These colors come from a variety of faces. It may be dimly black that it seems like all the pains set in. It may be colorfully green and yellow that in spite of the misfortunes, there is still the hope that leads to a better home. It is sometimes gray that there is no point in transcending to a kind of situation that spells to provide people of the right choice. It just indicates that merely one has to live life and take it as it is, with no options in mind. It is somewhat in the shades of blue that seems like the burden of the world is on me. It may appear pinkishly girly or manly in black.

Reflections of others even in various colors, I do experienced. No matter what the color may be, it is the kind of aspirations that I choose to enjoy and accept whatever it is in a way that I realize that I view myself in others.

Life is indeed a reflection. 
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