Friday, June 14, 2013

It is just like a deja vu.

I always have this feel like I am always in a deja vu. I don't know if this is just some kind of imagination, or a sort of just an experience that it keeps me hauting now or reminded me that it already happened or it will happen in the future.

I have noticed in myself that there is a form of events that draws like a picture in my mind and then I know that it surely did not happen, but then it happens in my acquaintances in the future, but not in a long time. It quickly happens like tomorrow, next week or days so. Then, I say that I have that incidence in my mind.

I don't know if this is like a prediction or that I am just so good in anticipating what might going to happen in the future when I do something or when I have seen an action of events that portrays impact of possibilities of occurences.

I never do exaggeration when I think. It always keeps me reminded that this kind of "potential" in me is sort or part of psychology in me.

 Oftentimes, I love being this way. I enjoy seeing things the way it is reflected on my mind. It is like a sure prediction that it is going to happen or it is just like a mere deja vu.


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