Thursday, June 6, 2013

Water, My Life!

I find satisfaction of the water that is my "soda" right now. It does everything for me.

I have found out that my love of drinking more than 8 glasses of water makes me healthy all the time. There is a kind of feeling that spells satisfaction in everything I do. I am not always get irritated easily when I don't want something. I feel that my body is not heavy. I always feel refresh and happy. I feel contented and cool.

Because of my love of water, many people are are asking me about how physically I do change. Before, they use to see me more with adipose tissue. Now, they are telling me, "You are losing weight", "You look blooming and beautiful." I take their appreciation, a complement.

"It is because of drinking a lot of water." is what I told them. Probably, water brings the most in me. I am not exhausted. I am not easily get hot-tempered. I am more calm. I am at my best right now. And I am loving it! 
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