Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When in the middle of much excitement

I admit it. I am addicted to this kind of game that has something to do with the picture above. I always find the kind of excitement to give myself a break after feeling much stresses in school. Playing with this is my pastime.

It is like a great achievement when I am in level up because it means that I have conquered and even met the desired goal of the level that I have played. The game gradually becomes difficult as the level rises. And now, I am at my 96.

I am like playing and thinking that I have really do surpass and meet the goal and fortunately, I accomplished them. My mind is working. I find moves that are appropriate that every fall would mean success. I feel excited as if I am in the level of feeling with much delight. In the middle of the game, the pursuance to activate my mind keeps on leveling up because I am after of my moves in order for the chance given will not all be consumed and there is no "retrys". But in the middle of the excitement, when all are consumed, I have it when the time sets to strike. Now, I have to wait many minutes in order to wait for game to be activated. This kind of punishment is indeed waiting. I have to wait for more minutes. And I have to because I am in the middle to too much excitement that I am ready to strike with all my might, attacking the next level. Then, sad feelings drop. What a life indeed!

Life has to transcend in waiting and even waiting even more while you are working and working. When the time is over, then the play goes on. Play, wait, go on!

Patience is tested in this kind of game. 


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